Painting Party Videos Take Parties to the Next Level

Painting Party Videos Online
Our Crew Filming Painting Party Videos

If you haven’t yet noticed, videos are quickly taking over the Internet.

Want to learn how to play piano or guitar? Forget how to tie a tie? Want to learn how to professionally do your makeup? There are multiple online videos for all of those things.

And now, is taking the painting party studio experience online and into your home with our Painting Party Videos. However, there is one important thing that differentiates us: is not simply online painting videos. We are much, much more than that. is all about making art fun again. Our Painting Party Videos are not intended to simply be watched and painted along with. Our Painting Party Videos are intended for you and your friends to get together, open a bottle of wine, crank up some music, turn on a painting video, and have the best home ladies’ night you’ve ever hosted.

Or how about your child’s next birthday party? Wouldn’t it be fun to let them enjoy an afternoon of interaction and creation with a birthday painting party?

What about next Friday night at home with your family? Instead of huddling around the television, why not have a family painting night?

Our Painting Party Videos not only teach you stroke by stroke how to complete your selected painting, but they also provide you a new idea to enjoy company with the ones you are closest to.

That is what and our Painting Party Videos are all about.

10 thoughts on “Painting Party Videos Take Parties to the Next Level

  1. Sue says:

    So much fun! My family painted “Under the sea”
    Ages 6- 85!
    Instructions every step of the way! Awesome teacher!
    Everybody was happy with their masterpiece , a great memory to hang on any wall!
    ThanX, paintingParties

  2. Jessica Greeney says:

    My daughter is so excited to do this for her 11th birthday party. Is it critical to buy easels? We will have up to 10 kids so buying easels will hike up the price. Is it ok for the kids to paint the canvas flat on the table?

    • John says:

      Hi Jessica – Glad to hear about the excitement! 🙂 Easels can be helpful when painters choose the suggested 16×20 canvas, but most folks choose smaller canvas sizes for the kiddos and just have them paint flat on the table. Also, easels can be easy for kids to accidentally knock over and make for a big mess so I would recommend leaving them out for this party.


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