Why Home Painting Parties Make Great Kids Birthday Parties

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? It seems like their birthday comes a little bit faster each year. And as parents, it is up to us to figure out something new and fun to do that they and their friends will enjoy and remember.

So this year, why not consider hosting a kids’ birthday painting party?

One option is to rent out your local painting party studio. The only drawback to it is the expense as well as the proximity to your home and your child’s friends’ homes. However, have you ever considered hosting your child’s birthday party from home?

Believe it or not, this is easy with PaintingParties.com, and provides a lot of benefits over painting party studios. All you need is some basic painting supplies, a tablet or a connection to your television, and you are ready to go! Select here from our variety of kids birthday painting party ideas.

Fuschia Flutter is a colorful option for a child’s birthday painting party!
Here are some other reasons kids painting parties make such great birthday parties:

Inexpensive Birthday Idea – Painting supplies is surprisingly cheap. You may buy acrylic paints and paint brushes in bulk to reduce the cost per child, and you may also buy mini-canvases to reduce the time it takes to complete the painting. Savvy spenders can usually get the cost down to about $10 per child painter.

Souvenir to Take Home – Many birthday parties give out trinkets as party favors, but how many provide artwork they create themselves? Your child’s friends will all have something to remember his or her great birthday by simply looking at their bedroom wall and seeing their painting!

No Mess – The beautiful part about acrylic paints? They are VERY easy to clean up. The only thing acrylics are difficult to get out of are fabrics. As long as you have the kids wear aprons or old clothes, and paint on a table on a hardwood floor, any accidents will wipe right up!

Creative Fun – Kids love to paint; it is as simple as that! Yet normally the only time they get to paint is in art class. So why not provide them another chance to get creative and enjoy some painting with their friends?

Do you have an idea for a painting for your child’s birthday party? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with a painting idea. We may choose it as our next painting video for kids!