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What the heck is this all about?
Good question! PaintingParties.com is the very first online streaming painting party website. It is designed to help friends and families easily host their own home painting parties by using our fun and easy-to-follow Painting Party Videos.
Do I need to be a good artist to enjoy PaintingParties.com?
Absolutely not! PaintingParties.com was developed for people of any artistic skill level, from a lot of experience to none at all! Our Painting Party Videos walk you through the painting step by step, including each brush stroke, each color mixture, and more.
Sounds great! How can I get started?
Simply sign up for a free membership, and you will have access to every one of our Painting Party Videos. And remember, new videos are added throughout each month!
What are the advantages of PaintingParties.com over Painting Party Studios?
While we also love attending painting party studios, there are many benefits that only PaintingParties.com can offer: Cost Effective – Attending a painting party studio may cost upwards of $50 per person, not including drinks! If you like to paint a lot, that can become expensive. PaintingParties.com was created for people who want to paint at home exclusively or in addition to attending painting party studios! Private Party – Your friends/family, your furniture, your space, your bathroom, your refreshments, your rules. Location – Not everyone lives close to a painting party studio. Heck, some of you reading this may not even know what a painting party studio is because there isn’t one near you! PaintingParties.com, developed in Kansas City, is especially dedicated to our friends living in the rural areas across our great country. Reusable Supplies – Once you buy your supplies, everything other than the canvas will be usable for multiple paintings. Painting party studios charge you for new supplies each time you attend a party. You’re in Control – If you and your friends want to take a break from the painting party, simply pause your video and resume it when everyone is ready. Or, if one particular step is a little challenging, take your time! Unlike the parties at a studio, you will never feel rushed with PaintingParties.com
How do I get painting supplies?
Painting supplies is easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and much of it can be used for multiple paintings. Any of your local big box retailers, hobby stores and local arts and craft stores will have everything needed to get started. Essentially, you need three things: Paints – We use student-grade acrylic paints. To have the necessary paints for all of our paintings, you will need to purchase red, yellow, blue, black, white and brown. Also, keep in mind that if you are painting with other people, it will be cheaper to buy bigger tubes to share than for each person to buy their own individual tubes of paint. Paint Brushes – We recommend you have a large flat brush (3/4), medium round brush (10), and a small detail brush (6). Feel free to purchase other brushes as well to give you more options. You may save money as well buy purchasing a package of brushes and sharing with your friends. Canvases – Our artists paint on 16x20 blank canvases. Feel free to use these, smaller canvases, or even larger canvases. Or, if you are painting for fun with your kids, there is no rule against just using paper!
What kind of events are fun for painting parties?
While you never really need a reason to host a painting party other than just to have fun, there are many events that are perfect for painting parties! These include: Birthday Parties – An inexpensive way to have a truly fun, interactive and creative birthday party for kids and adults alike. Plus, it will be truly memorable because each partygoer will have a completed painting to take home. Don’t forget about our category full of kids paintings! Holiday Parties/Family Get-togethers – As your family and friends get together for the holidays, there isn’t a better way to enjoy each other’s company than with a home painting party. Bachelorette Parties/Wedding Showers/Baby Showers – Painting parties are another fun thing to do during this exciting time in your or a loved one’s life!
How do I reset my password?
You can reset your password on the My Account page even when you are logged out. Look for the "lost your password?" link to get started.
Is PaintingParties.com really as awesome as it sounds?
Yes! We hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!