Host a Private Painting Party at Home

Do you have a special upcoming event that would be perfect to celebrate with a painting party?

For these exciting occasions, most painting studios offer private painting parties. Private painting parties are perfect for several different types of events because they:

– are only open to guests of your painting party
– are able to offer certain drinks, snacks and music for the party
– oftentimes allow your party to choose the painting to be painted
– sometimes even design a special painting just for your event

There are lots of reasons to host a private painting party at your local painting studio. Some ideas for private painting parties include:

Birthday Parties – Kids love to paint, especially cartoon characters! Private painting parties are great for birthday parties because oftentimes the studio will allow the birthday child to choose an idea for a painting, and the artist will create it just for him or her.

Bachelorette Parties – Celebrate your friend’s or your own engagement with a painting party. Many painting party studios also feature cocktail bars, so you can keep the party going well after the painting is finished.

Baby Showers – A popular idea for baby showers is to have each member of the party paint a letter of the baby’s name, which can then be hung in his or her room.

Corporate Team-Building Events – One of the biggest benefits of painting parties is that they are interactive and cooperative. Thus, co-workers who don’t know each other may find something in common and to talk about while painting, improving overall company moral.

Holiday Parties – Snowmen, Christmas Trees, Santa Clause, Snowy Landscapes, Menorahs and much more can be painted during a private party – perfect for decorating your home during the holidays!

Women’s Night Out – Sometimes, there is no reason at all to have a painting party other than just enjoying a night out with your friends.

There are many, many more reasons to host a private painting party. Check with your local painting party studio to find out the minimum number of people required to reserve a night for your very own private painting party!