11 thoughts on “Private Painting Parties

  1. sri says:


    I am trying to use this for my kids birthday. when I sign-up can I login from multiple computers so that kids can group and paint different ones?


  2. Tinna Marie says:

    I just started painting in January. I viewed my first private party yesterday. I am oh so excited about my first panting!!! I saved as my screen saver!!! Thank you.! Thank you!. Thank you!

  3. diane noto says:

    I do painting parties but im not a franchise,I love your free videos there so helpful,Im stuck getting people
    I have places to host them but they want me to bring the crowd:( please tell me how to get people to come to my paint night parties???Diane from ny

    • CJ Gueldner says:

      Do them at quaint restaurants and coffee shops; host a singles night, do a BYOB party, have a wine and chocolate tasting and add the painting party as the finale. Hope these ideas help. Senior centers love them too.

  4. Denise Wheatley says:

    I am having a girls weekend at our cabin up north and we do not have internet access there. Do you sell DVD versions of your painting parties?

  5. Maggie says:

    I really like the idea of using a painting party for a baby shower! It would be such a nice way to make a memorable gift together with your friends and family. I would personally love the idea of having everyone paint a different type of flower on their canvas so that there’s a unique collection that could be hung up together in a set.

  6. Sheila Albert says:

    Do you host private paint parties at my location? I’m looking to host a party Saturday February 4, 2017 in Malibu, CA at the recreation room of the Malibu villas condo community for 10-15 people

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