How to Paint a Dragonfly on Canvas

5.0 rating

Julie’s choice of colors and her guidance on blending techniques allowed each of us to add our personal touch to the dragonfly, resulting in a stunning array of unique artworks. The end result was a visual symphony of vibrant dragonflies in various stages of flight, all created by our own hands but inspired by Julie’s expertise.

Julie’s Dragonfly Painting Party was not just a painting class; it was a celebration of art, friendship, and the natural world. I left with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of dragonflies and a renewed passion for painting. I would highly recommend Julie’s Paint Party to anyone looking to unlock their creative potential, learn from a skilled artist, and enjoy a delightful and inspiring experience.

Thank you, Julie, for sharing your talent and passion with us. Your Dragonfly Painting Party was a true work of art in itself, and I look forward to attending more of your creative gatherings in the future.

Christina Halston

Christina has been painting since she was a little kid. Spreading the joy of painting with families has been part of her life as a teacher. Now she continues to share her ideas with others through her new website, a blog and instructional website to help people learn how to paint at home.

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